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executive music production

- recording studio

- television studio

- live tv & pre-recorded indoor/outdoor events

- touring stage events

  • new format set-up & viability review

  • systems organisation/scheduling/budget

  • casting for vocal talent & band musicians

  • performance coaching for individual & group

  • music palate/setlist conception & repertoire allocation

  • negotiation of music rights/clearances

  • track arrangement & production for maximum tv/live show audience traction

  • large scale team building &  management


“The clarity of your broadcast message is imperative in these fractured, tech-filled times, whether that be a transmission from the individual performer, the live stage show or the major telecast... So, with that goal clearly defined and firmly in focus, whatever the to-do-list may be, the process of bringing each job to life has its own obvious flow for me.”     Louise Perryman

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